Company History

Pronto Press was started in 1976, by my father George Parness and his partner Robert (Bob) Rogers.  After joining the staff in 1978, I learned the trade from the bottom up, from sweeping  floors to the bindery department, to becoming a pressman, and then I became a customer service representative.  Before I decided to move to South Carolina I was running the shop as the two partners were going in different directions.  When I moved my family to Myrtle Beach I decided to start my own Pronto Press with my brother, so in the spring of 1995 we opened up on 3rd Ave. South.  Our wives were our sales people and we stayed at that location for a couple of years.  We quickly outgrew that location, so we started looking for a larger more visible location which now puts us at our current location between the airport and Market Common, on Bypass 17 South.  In 2003 my brother decided to move on to other ventures.  We still are a family owned business as my son, Benjamin is following in my footsteps.  All of our loyal customers have become friends over the years, and with that being said we want to be your printer of choice.  Pronto Press has been open on the Grand Strand for 19 years and we look forward to making many more new friends while helping you grow your business !!